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Gearheart Security…Who Are We?

Gearheart Smarthome Security is locally known as a leader in telecommunications and security services.

Gearheart Security is a Alula Security Pro Dealer selling and servicing smarthome monitored and non-monitored security, and fire protection systems for residential or business applications.

Our Gearheart Security technicians are on call 24 / 7 to service your communication and security needs. We feel we can work well with you to provide a completed job that will reflect the same standards you are accustom to.

Camera Only Packages are available

Gearheart Security Camera-Only Bundles Now Available for your Home or Business! Just let us know how many you need! Starting at only $14.95 per month! WOW!

Rest Easy Knowing that Your Loved Ones Are Safe

Control your Security and Home from anywhere that you have an internet connection right from your phone! All installations come with the Alula Mobile App.

Gearheart Security has an existing customer base of over 1,300 customers which proves sustained customer satisfaction, and our technicians are state certified security installers.

Click: iPhone App Download

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More Than a Security System... It's a Smart Home System.

24/7 Monitoring with backup

Our Gearheart Alula Security Systems can be configured to monitor doors and windows, but they can also detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, and rising water. For persons with medical conditions, system sensors can be set to go into alarm if there has been no activity in a prescribed period of time, indicating a possible medical emergency.

  • Insurance companies commonly offer discounts of 10% or more when premises are protected by electronic security systems.
  • Security, fire, and access control systems are effective in preventing loss of life and property.
  • If the alarm is accidental, the user can cancel the alarm by providing an authorized user code.
Remote From Your Phone

Rest easy knowing that you can monitor, alert, and control your home right from your smartphone! Check in on family or contractors, unlock doors for guests, and get alerts if anything is triggered.

  • Alula Control from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Monitor your home security and devices while on vacation
  • Remotely control your door locks, garage, lights, and so much more!
Text and Email Alerts

Get instant Text and Email alerts any time an event is triggered. These triggers can be from detected motion, fire, carbon monoxide, water leaks, door/window entry, and so much more.

The Alula Smart Home system can be designed to fit you and your lifestyle. Custom triggers can alert you instantly, no matter where you are.

Add On Smart Devices

The Alula system offers much more than just security. There are many add-on devices that it can monitor and control. 

For example, you can control your thermostat to turn up/down as it detects you are close to home. It can turn your lights on/off when you leave the house. It can even open the garage door for you when it detects that you are approaching.

There are so many things that can be done with the Alula Smart Home and Security system. Give us a Call at (800) 264-1730 or (606) 478-9100 to get a Free Demonstration and Consultation! 


Amazon Alexa

Alula interactive services are compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. Can’t find your keyfob? Just ask Alexa to arm or disarm your system.

Let Gearheart Security take over your monitoring today & Save You Some Cash!

Only $34.95 per month

Alula and Gearheart Home Security will take over your current home security service (whomever it is) for only $34.95 per month…Wow! Let Gearheart Security earn your business and at the same time…SAVE YOU SOME CASH! With Gearheart Security…Families Matter!

LifeSentry Medical Alert

The worlds smallest 2-way voice speakerphone pendant communicator!

Emergencies can happen anywhere in one’s home and even in the yard or driveway. 

LifeSentry is an easy to use system that can summon assistance with a press of a button. Two way audio allows emergency responders to communicate directly with the person wearing the pendant, letting you know that help is on the way.

LifeSentry will allow one to communicate their message instantly and efficiently from anywhere in and around theirhome to get help fast. All this with ONE button activation. The pendant is water-resistant – so it can be taken into the shower.



Choose a Package That's Right For You

Pick a Bundle or Service. You can customize your order on the order page.

$ 96.19
Per Month
3 Year Agreement
  • Alula Security System
  • Free Mobile App
  • (3) Door / Window Contacts
  • (1) Motion Detector
  • 750 Meg / 40 Meg Broadband
  • 2,000 Gig Data
  • (2) Plume WIFI-6 Units
  • (1) Security Camera
$ 122.19
Per Month
3 Year Agreement
  • Alula Security System
  • Free Mobile App
  • (3) Door / Window Contacts
  • (1) Motion Detector
  • Up to 1 Gig / 40 Meg Broadband
  • Unlimited Data
  • (2) Plume WIFI-6 Units
  • (2) Security Cameras
Custom System Pricing Determined by Selections
  • Select Your Devices
  • Select Cameras
  • Select Monitoring
  • Select Sensors
  • Select Fire and CO2 Alarms
  • Select Keypad Panels
  • Select Doorbell Cams
  • Build what works best for you!

Available Add-ons For Alula


Make your home a "Smarthome" with Alula & Gearheart Home Security


Products have never been this cool.

Alula Smarthome Touch Panel

Connect+ is Alula’s flagship smart home security panel, designed to wirelessly merge alarm monitoring, video cameras and home automation devices into a reliable and secure control center. 

Doorbell Camera Solutions

Replaces any wired doorbell switch with the 2K Ultra-HD Video Doorbell. Captures every person or package at the threshold in crisp detail, with a vertical field of view. Your customers can speak with anyone at the threshold through the Alula App and recall any motion-activated clips stored in the cloud.

Z-WAVE Compatible Devices

With Z-Wave™ and Z-Wave Plus control embedded in the Alula App, automation is immediately enabled. Controlling popular lights, locks and thermostats is just a tap and swipe away.

With Alula, you truly have full control over your entire security system, and your entire home. Pair that with 24/7 monitoring by Gearheart Security, and you have a complete system for securing, monitoring, and controlling your home, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

There are dozens of devices that we can add to your Alula system. Monitor your doors and windows, keep a watch with a live video feed, get alerted if there is a water leak, and so much more! Call us today to discuss a system that will keep you and your family alerted and safe!